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New Dayus Site and Brand 



Dayus' mission is to be your fast and reliable source of custom registers, grilles, louvers & diffusers. Because we offer our 3 Day Ship program on any size or model, you'll never be left waiting for an order. To serve you even better, we're proud to announce a new brand and website. 

What can our new site features do for you? Read on to discover all of the new changes from your trusted register and grille manufacturer. 


6 New Improvements For You


1. Enhanced User Experience

Air Return Grille Products

We made major improvements to the website's ease of access. Navigating to pages is intuitive, so you can find exactly what you're looking for. There are plenty of tools and resources on our website which can help you get work done quicker. 

While browsing our site, you'll notice our new product pages. Now it's easier to locate the register or grille you need and to send direct links to your customers.

Each product page has: 


View new product pages.


2. Cross-Reference Page       

Cross Reference Tool HVAC Grilles Registers Louvers

Use our cross-reference page when other suppliers can't keep up and you need products fast. Just input the product code that you need or browse by category and supplier. You'll find the Dayus cross and the product link will take you to the correct page. It's perfect for orders that need to be shipped out fast. We look forward to impressing you with our quality and fast service.

Bookmark this page so you can find it when you need it most. 


3. New Product Releases

Many of our new releases are inspired by customer suggestions, so we're always listening to feedback. Here are some new products made just for you. 



DASLJ Slot Linear with Mud-In Flange 

We're excited to release the Concealed Frame Slot Linear Diffuser. The DASLJ is attractive, luxurious, and resilient in quality. Install it after drywall, then mud in the flange.  After sanding and painting, it creates a "barely-there" result. All of our Slot Linear Diffuers are made up to 82" of continuous lengths and feature extruded air controllers that won't warp, rust, or rattle. It's perfect for high-end residential or commercial use. Available now.


Heaty Duty DAPH  

Heavy Duty DAPH Grille 

This product has been heavily requested by both contractors and wholesalers, so we're pleased to release it. The DAPH is designed to stand up to heavy use, making it perfect for gymnasiums, hotel lobbies, or other high-impact zones. You can rely on the additional supports every 2 inches, solid extruded aluminum construction, and durable powder-coat finishes. DAPH is available in a range of colors, options, and ships in 3 Days. 

4. Mobile Orders and Quotes 

Request a Quote with Dayus

We know you're busy, so we made it easier to place orders and request quotes for custom registers and grilles.Order HVAC Grilles from mobile phone

Our customer portal allows you to request an instant quote from your phone, which you can quickly turn into an order.

The whole portal is mobile-friendly, so you don't have to be stuck at a desktop to get work done. 

When submitting a quote, keep in mind: 




5. New Finishes 

We've extended our powder-coat options to bring you endless customization. Powder-coating is a durable finish for a long-lasting product. 

Variety of Finishes

Are you painting a grille to match the existing wall color? Pick our new prime coat. Its surface allows the paint to strongly adhere and the neutral grey tone means fewer coats of paint. Prime finish is available on Next Friday or Standard Shipping. 

Our range of Select powder-coat finishes are a great upgrade from standard. These finishes are Light Tan, Cape Cod White, Antique White, Grey, and Gloss or Matte Black. They're available with Next Friday or Standard shipping for your convenience. 

For something unique, try our Simulated Annodized finishes. These powder-coat paints come in Champagne, and Light, Medium, or Dark Bronze. The paint has a slight texture and shine for a luxurious, metallic look. Simulated Annodized finishes are available with Next Friday and Standard shipping. 

If none of these options suit your needs, we also offer Special Order finishes. Pick any color of the rainbow and we will match it. Special Order finishes are offered with Standard shipping plans. 

Explore the full range of powder-coat options here.


6. Free Area Calculator

Free Area Calculator: determine how much space is open for air to pass through


We've improved this feature so you can access the free area of registers and grilles instantly. The streamlined layout prompts you to pick the model from a drop-down menu, then select the desired width and height. Once you have your free area data, compare it against other products or other suppliers to find how they stack up. 

We also added features to print the report and generate a quote at the touch of a button. 

This is also a great page to bookmark so you can find it during your next hectic workday. 

Try the Free Area Calculator.


3 Day Ship Any Size Any Model

Are you ready to experience Dayus fastest shipping? Get in contact with us today.

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