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Return Air Register w/ 1" Blade Spacing


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The DARH1D is a return register with blades set on a 30° deflection and 1" spacing. The aluminum grille can be used in sidewall and ceiling applications where maximum free area is needed. 


  • The return register contains aluminum roll-formed blades set into an extruded aluminum frame.
  • The semi-airfoil designed blades are set on 1” spacing for maximum free area. 
  • The horizontal blades are fixed on 30° deflection to direct the spread of air. 
  • The opposed blade damper controls airflow and is adjustable using any slender tool.  
  • The pressure-fitted nylon pins ensure a rattle-free performance.


W | White

S | Silver 

M | Mill 

W - White

S - Silver

M - Mill

Common Uses

The DARH1D is commonly used as a sidewall register. It's easy to install and the 30° deflection makes it an ideal choice in most ceiling and surface mount uses. 

Additional Options

DARH1-SD | 0° Deflection

DARH1 | No Damper

DARH1D-AA | All Aluminum

DARH1D-IS | Insect Screen

DARH1D-TB | No Mounting

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