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Double Deflection Supply Register w/ Wide Flange - Vertical Front - OBD

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The DAHVD-WF is a double deflection supply grille with a wide flange, front vertical blades and rear horizontal blades. The aluminum grille is designed with two sets of individually adjustable blades to direct airflow, while the opposed blade damper adjusts the volume of air.


  • Wide flange for additional mounting surface coverage.
  • Two sets of adjustable, semi-airfoil blades on 2/3" spacing
  • Architectural aluminum construction with extruded frame and roll-formed blades
  • Rattle-free performance with pressure-fitted blades
  • Opposed blade damper with concealed operator design
  • Sealing gasket to prevent streaking on walls or ceiling
  • Available on 2" standard dimensions
  • Custom sizes manufactured up to 1/16" increments


W | White

S | Silver 

M | Mill 

W - White

S - Silver

M - Mill

Common Uses

The DAVHD-WF is commonly used as a sidewall register for supply air. It's easy to install and the adjustable deflection makes it ideal in most ceiling and surface mount uses. 

Additional Options

DAVHD-WF-TB | No Screw Holes| No Damper
DAHVD-WF-AA | All Aluminum Construction| Horizontal Front
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