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Effortlessly elevate your design with our concealed frame J-Bead grilles. These architectural high-end products are optimal in both residential and commercial spaces.

architectural bar linear grille with removeable core and prime coat finish


Designed for easy installation after drywall, DABLRJ has a removable bar linear core for easier installation and maintenance. 

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DASLJ Image plaster in linear slot diffuser


Enhance your space with the DASLJ, a mud-in concealed frame Slot Linear Diffuser. Tape and mud over after installation for a seamless finish. 

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DARHEJ-45 Image with horizontal bars of extruded aluminum


Explore the DARHEJ-45, a stylish and fully extruded mud-in return grille that is perfect for post-drywall installation.

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DABLRJ Image linear bar register with J-Bead flange


Designed for installation before drywall, DABLRH's recessed flange results in the core and surrounding sheetrock to fit flush against each other.

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DABLRH  Image drywall-in architectural register with removeable core


Combining the DABLRJ grille with an opposed blade damper, homeowners can control airflow and still remove the bar linear core on this register.

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DARHEJ-45 Image


Explore the DASLRJ, a stylish plaster-in Slot Linear Return Diffuser with no air pattern controllers.

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Concealed Frame Grilles

Concealed frame architectural grille are first fastened with screw holes, then taped and mudded over. After sanding to a smooth finish, the surrounding area can be painted to match the wall. This leaves only the core of the grille visible, resulting in a clean, modern look. 

Bar Linear Installation Instructions 

Slot Linear Installation Instructions 


You can order your plaster J-Bead grilles in a number of finishes, including Prime Coat. Prime Coat is ideal for field painting to perfectly match the surrounding wall. 

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Looking For More Information? 

For contractors and end users, our team can connect you with a wholesaler in your area who carries Dayus products.

Request a quote here or call our office at 519-737-1199.

For wholesalers, please call our office at 519-737-1199 or use the customer portal for pricing. 

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